Haute Resume and Career Services LLC (HRCS) agrees to make changes to documents and correct errors and/or misinterpretations of data as part of the resume and supplemental document development. The client is solely responsible for proofing and acceptance. All changes must be made in writing within 30 days of receiving the first draft. Satisfaction is assumed upon acceptance of documents. Client decision to address a new employment target not discussed in the initial purchase agreement will result in additional fees.

Rush Fees: Projects that require less than a 7-business day turnaround may incur an additional rush fee. The start date begins once I have received ALL information.

Refunds: Once you have paid for your services and received our proprietary resume worksheets there will be no refunds. In order to meet our seven business day commitment to you we may be required to turn away additional projects from other paying clients and that time is considered compensable. Note: Your satisfaction is important to us and we will continue to work with you until you are satisfied with your documents.

Publication: Your resume may be fictionalized in order to be published in articles, columns, books, and industry-related publications at the discretion of HRCS, and with the understanding that ALL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION (name, address, employer name, and so forth) will be fictionalized to protect confidentiality.

Your worksheets: You will receive a second email with the worksheets attached. If you are unable to access them for any reason, please call (866) 695-9318 and we will find a solution.

Due to the inherent differences between computers and printers, you may find that the document does not print properly. This could be due to one or thousands of factors… the fonts, the page defaults, the printer you’re using, or the software. Problems of this type, however, can usually be attributed to the inbuilt page defaults imposed on the document by your own printer. The main causes for concern are that inkjet and some older laser printers do not print the bottom border of your document. While we take every step to ensure your satisfaction, some issues are beyond our control and require you to make adjustments on your end.

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